Ryan Langson, BC-HIS

Board Certified and specialized in the testing of hearing and the fitting of hearing aids.

Ryan Langson, BC-HIS. earned his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is Board Certified to specialize in the testing of hearing and the fitting of hearing aids. His professional interest is to maintain the highest standards of care and professionalism when assisting those that are looking to benefit their lives through better hearing. He seeks out the best equipment and training to meet the varied needs of his patients. He has a passion for learning the newest technologies and utilizing all "smart" technologies in ways to make them more accessible

Ryan lives in Henderson, with his beautiful wife Anna and his 5 incredible children (Sophie, Piper, Coco, Savannah & Beckett). He is an avid sailor and loves the idea of sailing adventures with his family. He believes he could have been an U.S. Air Force fighter pilot or professional racecar driver, but instead chose audiology because of the excitement. Ryan has a wonderful sense of humor as evidenced by the previous sentence.

His family moved to Las Vegas in the late 1950s and has seen it grow into the wonderful city that we all enjoy today. As a patient you will enjoy Ryan's cheerful sense of humor and his ability to understand and find the underlying issues that are affecting your enjoyment of your hearing.