You Choose the Location

At Keller Hearing, we bring healthy hearing to you. The process is easy: just call us to schedule an appointment and our experienced Board Certified Hearing Specialist will visit the location of your choice. That way, you’ll enjoy maximum convenience along with the privacy and personal attention you deserve.

Latest Technology

We use the latest advances in portable technology to conduct a thorough, state-of-the-art hearing evaluation in your home or workplace. If testing indicates that you could benefit from hearing aids or assistive devices, we’ll help you find the right technology for your needs and lifestyle. And if you decide to purchase hearing aids, we’ll order and deliver them to your preferred location and make sure they are properly fitted and adjusted.

In Home Testing

Get all the service that you would receive at a clinical office but in the comfort of your own home, office, nursing home or location of your choice. Keller Hearing's commitment to personalized hearing care takes the time to help you and your family understand hearing loss and how to improve it — and your quality of life.

OSHA Hearing Test

Keller Hearing can provide mandated hearing test in accordance with OSHA regulation 1910.95 . We have the ability to tests for up to 75 people per day in our mobile hearing lab. Monitoring hearing loss is viatlaly important to those who work in loud environments. Early detection can lead to years more healthy hearing in a lifetime.


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